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Aaron Winborn
Mar 5, 2008

Proof of Concept for Stand-alone Drupal Newsletter

Sneak preview of this discussion (if you decide not to click through to the rest of this discussion topic): This DrupalCon has been... more
Aaron Winborn
Mar 4, 2008

Drupal China gets Embedded Media Field!

Jacob Redding (jredding), Robert Scales, and John Zhu conducted a panel about ... more
Aaron Winborn
Mar 3, 2008

Drupal Text Editor Brainstorming

Oleg Terenchuk (litwol) and I were discussing the Rich Text Editor (RTE) in core thread on the developer's list the other day. He has a great idea to create some hooks to allow this to... more
Aaron Winborn
Mar 1, 2008

Module Development during DrupalCon

So I was just updating the Contributed Modules Status page at gdo to reflect that I plan to work on upgrading Embedded Media Field to ... more
Aaron Winborn
Feb 29, 2008

Hotlinking Images? No. Wget Instead.

There's an open feature request for the Embedded Media Field to allow editors to link to a live image on any arbitrary site. Although this is technically possible, and easy to implement in the module's... more
Aaron Winborn
Feb 28, 2008

Embedded Media Import Roadmap

So I had a dream last night. About Drupal, as I often do. I envisioned a way to make Embedded Media Import, which is bundled with Embedded Media Field, far more useful than it currently is. And I don't think it'll be too difficult to implement... more
Aaron Winborn
Feb 27, 2008

HoverIntent in Air America Header

I've set up a sliding show schedule header for Air America, although unfortunately, you can't preview it yet. (That'll launch in April). I found a good use for the hoverIntent module there: when you scroll... more
Aaron Winborn
Feb 27, 2008

This Blog is Built in Drupal 6

I've finally decided to set up a personal blog, which you are looking at right now. I can usually find a few minutes a day to write about whatever's going on, but haven't had a decent forum for some of it, or stuff gets all scattered. As most of my day is spent working with Drupal, it makes... more
Aaron Winborn
Feb 27, 2008

Drupal Multimedia Panel at DrupalCon

I will be the lead presenter of the Drupal Multimedia panel at Boston DrupalCon next week. I am... more
Fred Gooltz
Oct 31, 2007

Playing With Widgets and Data

Here at Advomatic, we're getting pretty good at the whole widget thing. The data thing has been our forte for a while, but now there's the widgets that we keep nailing, and of course we're still pretty good at the whole the speaking truth to power thing. Let's discuss: The non-partisan... more
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