David Rothstein

Technical Lead

David Rothstein built his first website in 2001, but he didn't become serious about it until 2007, when he discovered Drupal. At the time, he was working as a professional astronomer researching black holes in the Milky Way galaxy, but he had a passion for science education and public outreach and a lingering habit of building websites on those topics. Once he started using Drupal to build those websites and came across the amazing open-source community behind it, he was hooked. He started doing Drupal work full time in 2008, and spent several years as a Drupal engineer at Acquia before joining Advomatic in 2012, where he is excited about helping to build some of the most interesting and meaningful Drupal websites on the planet. David is an active contributor to Drupal core, a co-maintainer of Drupal 7 (as well as various core subsystems), a member of the Drupal security team, and a frequent speaker at Drupal conferences. He holds degrees in physics and astronomy from Haverford College and Cornell University, and he currently lives in Rockville, Maryland with his wife. His hobbies include Drupal (of course!), hiking, bird watching, and dabbling in pretty much any sport that has a low risk of injuring him and that does not involve placing unstable objects or substances between his feet and the ground.

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Meet Our Team


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